Accepting Public Investment strictly according to Govt. guidelines and on the time maturity.

Eradicating unemployment from the country by providing easy loan to thousands of needy persons.

Flexible approach towards customers particularly a common man as compard to very tedious complicated approach of Banks.


KIM Investment Limited is a non banking Financial Company which has been registered with RBI as on 15 May, 2002. The company is registed in A Category; this means the company can take deposit from Public. The company has a glorious record of thousands of investors who being contented with the credibility of the company have invested their money with it with unshaken faith and confidence. The Company has rewarded them with rich and healthy returns in lieu of their investment. The main objective of the company, to lend the money to the needy persons. The Company has fulfilled the needs of thousands of persons by making them get Loans against easy and affordable terms and conditions.

  Econimic Freedom for all
  Building of Relationships
  Security & Growth
  Flexible Approach
  Glorious Records
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